Hide & Stitches Leather Barbecue / Grill Apron
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Hide & Stitches Leather Barbecue / Grill Apron



Do you have a passion for Barbecue? Are you a Barbecue Chef at heart? Then this Grill Master apron really is a must have! Handmade, with a lot of love and passion for the job, but also for meat-fish and vegetables that can be cooked on a barbecue. Are you convinced? Then take this gorgeous apron!

Width approx.  63cm
Length: approx. 85cm

The Hide & Stitches brand uses genuine leather tanned in an environmentally responsible manner which means that colour variations may occur. Each bag can have its own colour shade. Old West also uses natural oils and ingredients during the tanning process to give the bag a special look.


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