Worldpack Battery-less digital luggage scale
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Worldpack Battery-less digital luggage scale


  • 【BATTERY-FREE】 Say goodbye to those pesky batteries, Simply charge your scale by shaking. The kinetic energy would be converted to electric power to get your luggage scale running.
  • 【AUTO-LOCKING DESIGN】The LCD screen would blink a few times and freeze the number when weighing is stable. Accurate and consistent result would be shown for clearly reading.
  • 【TRAVEL WITHOUT STRESS】Batteries died when it needed? Paying excess fees for overweight? Get rid of these concerns with this battery-free luggage scale. You are free to weigh with us anywhere anytime without concern.
  • 【PORTABLE AND RELIABLE】: A lightweight and practical luggage scale is your best mate for travel. This luggage scale can easily weigh up to 50kg to meet your need. 


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